Maria on the Issues

Improving the economy by involving the community

Public Safety: Combating crime using a comprehensive approach

Enhancing Education by providing opportunities

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  • Ramp up community-based diversion programs for first time, non-violent offenders.
  • Improve harm reduction strategies for substance use disorders/chronic drug users.
  • Re-examine the role of community liaisons/public meetings in the fed/local consent decree-focus and  prioritize “quality of life” crimes.

Enhance Education

  • Establish private sector-public school partnerships that combine school with technical training & paid work.
  • Audit the Baltimore City Public School System to identify and eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse; Reduce the current 7 administrator per student ratio.
  • Explore vouchers and charter school options for students in failing schools.
  • Address contractor overruns to optimize funding and rebuild schools infrastructure.

Improve Economy

  • Prioritize a comprehensive audit of current city expenditures and drastically decrease administrative bloat and property tax rates I.E Lower city property taxes (highest in Maryland).
  • Identify ways to incentivize private employers to subsidize use of public transportation for employees.
  • Encourage Board of Estimates to offer contracts for local eco-friendly contractors while collaborating to create private/public partnerships to reinvest and rebuild boarded up homes.

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